In the summer of 2018,
when the little princess was just learning to walk,
the King looked at her cute appearance of eating egg rolls.
He suddenly had a flash of inspiration...
If you want to find safe and delicious snacks for the little princess who is growing up,
Why not do it yourself?
This is how the King's dream has started.
Embarked on the path of searching,
The King have visited China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan and tasted excellent egg rolls.
Since then, he is convinced that good food should not only show flavors
but also adhere to the natural purity of the raw materials.
After countless efforts,
the King finally found the ideal dream ingredients.
French AOP butter, French Fleur de sel, bourgeois mortar flour, Japanese fine flour...
Brought them back to the King’s kitchen.
The flavor of the egg rolls is unique and distinctive due to repeated attempts in temperature and recipe adjustments without adding additives.
"Love" is the fortress of the King of Beard brand.
Taiwan is our home. The King and princess are proud to let families eat with satisfaction and peace of mind.